Zohra Ali Corporate Legal

Zohra Ali Corporate Legal

Ern Phang has worked in the legal sector since 1996. He has held various legal positions representing individual and corporate property owners of commercial, industrial and retail real estate in all aspects of a real estate transaction, including complex leases. She advises on major real estate developments, including planning and environmental issues. His clients include banking and non-bank financial institutions as well as some of Australia`s largest real estate developers and manufacturers. Zohra also discovered the potential to leverage systems and processes, leveraging the technological advancements of the last decade to provide clients with legal services at a lower cost. These ideas motivated Zohra to create a law firm that would make customer service its ultimate goal to serve clients at a low cost. Zohra Ali She has been practicing law since 2011 and has developed property and corporate law, personal injury law and property law. He began his career as a defendant lawyer and worked with insurers as clients before founding City Legal Solicitors at Parramatta CBD in June 2008, where he currently represents defendants and plaintiffs in litigation. Since real estate investment is a personal interest, he has been a real estate sales manager for more than 3 years with a wealth of knowledge in the real estate sector. He studied a Bachelor of Laws with a concentration in Business Law at the University of Western Sydney (L.L.B) and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP).

Business & Commerce with a focus on personnel management. She has received numerous academic awards for her achievements. She is a paralegal working in debt collection and litigation at the Parramatta office of the Stacks network. She has strong research skills and is a critical thinker and problem solver. She has a strong background in business and commerce. She learned law while working as a paralegal at the Toongabbie Legal Centre, where she was involved in various legal issues and had to work with many specialist lawyers. Senior Counsel0418 333 848zali@corporatelegal.com.au He was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2009 after earning a Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Technology Sydney. Maher also holds a Master`s degree in International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Macquarie University. Advice on corporate governance, corporate structures, directors` duties, corporate compliance and conflicts of interest. in a career of more than 15 years.

She has experience in many areas of law, including commercial, banking and finance, contract law, commercial litigation, tort, common law, negligence, business practices, estates, estate planning, wills and estates. She has led and supported numerous complex litigation for primarily corporate and commercial clients, including corporate matters, contractual disputes, business practices, fiduciary disputes and real estate disputes. Corporate lawyers advise companies on their legal obligations, rights and responsibilities. Lawyers who call themselves corporate lawyers are usually corporate generalists, lawyers who advise companies on their legal obligations, rights and responsibilities, advise on business structures and evaluate companies. In order to meet the demanding needs of their clients, in-house lawyers also coordinate with other lawyers specialising in specialist areas such as tax, ERISA and real estate. Corporate Legal is designed as a `one-stop shop` for small and medium-sized businesses in Australia for all their business legal services, and we welcome the opportunity to help your business succeed. Michael Adams is an internationally recognized specialist in corporate, governance and securities markets Zohra`s area of expertise is Corporate Legal Services. This includes drafting various agreements often required by corporations and corporations, including shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, commercial terms, loan agreements, sales agreements and distribution agreements. Anna Zdrilic specialises in commercial leasing, real estate development, corporate law and environmental law. Zohra has been an active member of the legal profession since 2011 and has developed a wealth of knowledge covering various areas of law, including debt collection, commercial disputes, contractual disputes, transfer of ownership, leasing, estate planning, estate and administration. Maher Itani joins the legal profession after working in government and international relations.

Andrew has been a qualified lawyer for over 10 years in criminal law, trade and project finance, infrastructure transactions, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, real estate and construction transactions and privatizations, and also advises on a range of general banking and financial matters. With in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of corporate, commercial and financial transactions, he works for major international banks and corporations, renowned developers and high net worth individuals, providing the caliber required to achieve the business objectives and objectives of the clients for whom he works.

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