The Law Partnership Solicitors Reviews

The Law Partnership Solicitors Reviews

Named The Law Partnership Solicitors because they have had good reviews and their prices are very competitive. On the plus side, they know what they`re doing, they`re doing the work, they`re not charging too much. On the negative side, they have no sense of action and work at the pace of snails. I had to keep them throughout the process – at one point they had been sitting on documents for 4 weeks and God knows how long it would have taken if I hadn`t figured it out. In summary, a good service if you can track and manage the times. I was put in direct contact with a real estate law expert – something two other law firms had not done – and was impressed by the concise and helpful advice given during the initial exploratory phone call. Accessible, professional and knowledgeable. I hired The Law Partnership Solicitors to buy my property after receiving a competitive property offer from them and seeing the positive reviews online. I was very glad I did, because through all my interactions with TLP`s lawyers, I found them professional, communicative and honest. As a first-time buyer, I found it very easy to work with TLP Solicitors and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the future.

Special thanks to Ismail, Ayeisha and Waris who I all interacted with for seeing my property purchase to the end! Fill out the form below to be notified of any new notices or responses that have been added for this lawyer. Businesses can request reviews via automatic invitations. The term Verified refers to real experiences. Learn more about other types of reviews. Languages spoken English, Punjabi, Spanish Firm size 4 lawyers Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. People who write reviews can edit or delete them at any time, and they will appear as long as an account is active. It is contrary to our policies to offer incentives for exams. We also ensure that all reviews are published without moderation. TLP recently helped us with our first combined purchase and sale and I couldn`t recommend them more! Friends and family tried to stop us from going with a cheaper company I had found online without a personal recommendation, but I couldn`t have been happier with the service I received, and TLP deserves their high score on Trust Pilot. They have a great app that visually shows what stage each transaction was at and what the next steps were, which has been very helpful for us newcomers to the transfer world. I never write reviews, but I felt they deserved one because they helped us make this very stressful time a lot easier.

Very satisfied with the service provided by The Law Partnership Solicitors for the purchase of a property. Ismail was up to date from the beginning, quickly answered all my questions along the way, and made the trip seamless. I would definitely recommend them to others. Verification can help real people write reviews about real businesses. We use dedicated people and smart technology to protect our platform. Find out how we fight fake reviews. For the purchase of our apartment, we used the Housing and Property Act. Our lawyer was Madhu Pal. We were very fortunate that she was our lawyer. Madhu is a perfectionist. He is also very efficient, accessible and competent. All the communication and process was on their side very quickly, while the seller`s lawyer was considerably slower every step of the way! You could see the difference in the way different lawyers work! She made sure that we got the best possible purchasing conditions.

The seller tried to avoid solving a few problems with the deed that would end up being our problem in the future. Madhu let the seller get away with nothing. Each clause has been reviewed and resolved. She made everything absolutely perfect for us. Thank you for all your help and a nice and easy transaction, Madhu. I am the Housing Manager at Wandle HA and have worked with various lawyers over the past six years advising and advising on BSO issues. I find professional and hard-working team players from HPLP. They always get it right the first time. I always get very good results and I have full confidence in their advice.

I always recommend HPLP to other housing associations as I am confident that they will benefit from the service as much as I do. I just closed a purchase deal through TLP`s lawyers and everything went well. Ismail Khan acted quickly and immediately completed completion before Christmas 2021. Communication was fair and fast. Emails and voicemails were returned quickly and never had to wait for anything. I have no hesitation in recommending TLP lawyers for any property transfer issue, as my experience with TLP lawyers has been really rewarding and has made the whole buying journey very easy. Pretty standard on the lawyers` front. This was my first purchase, and most people had already told me that avocados are usually problematic despite the high cost. Nevertheless, I went there with high hopes.

Tlps charge a reasonable price, but you get what you pay for. Although I informed the lawyers, I wanted to make the transfer in 4 weeks and pay them extra, the completion was 2 months later. I had to follow them several times to send contracts and communicate with the seller`s lawyers, although I did review the legal documents myself before buying as it was an auction, which meant they didn`t have to investigate. I gave them the contracts the same day they sent them, so it`s not like the delay was coming from me. So far I`ve given them 3 stars, but it was what happened after the purchase that brought it to 1. Eventually, everything worked out 3 months after completion: the lawyers didn`t submit the documents to the rental agency on time, which meant I wasn`t able to get full access to the property until a month after the purchase. In addition, they were slow to correct a payment error made by the seller`s lawyers and finally corrected it after weeks of teasing while the leasing management agency threatened me for default. If you pay someone over 1K, I expected better service, I didn`t call them at 4am and was told the conveyor was gone for the day even though the opening hours were 9-5.

I`m sure most people`s good experiences are sincere, and the company is good as long as there are no issues with sales, but tlps wasn`t great in my experience. I would recommend that I always ensure that I am kept informed of current progress and that the desired deadlines are met despite some challenges beyond their control. We strive to resolve legal issues in a non-confrontational manner – we prefer to resolve disputes outside of court through mediation and arbitration. However, if strong action is required, our legal team will use their experience to present your case professionally and effectively to the court. My experience with TLP lawyers has been excellent. They responded to my emails and returned the documents very quickly, which helped move the process forward efficiently. Due to external circumstances, I was unable to finalise the purchase of an apartment with TLP Solicitors, but if I had done so, I am sure the quality of service would have been just as good. Highly recommended! A global thank you to HPLP for your hard work regarding my case.

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