Nivel Legal En Venezuela

Nivel Legal En Venezuela

Environmental education is compulsory at the levels and modalities of the education system, as well as in non-formal civic education. It is compulsory in public and private institutions, up to the varied cycle, the teaching of the Spanish language, history and geography of Venezuela, as well as the principles of the Bolivarian ideology. On 18 January, Decision No. 001/2021, which aims to establish scales for the balance, evaluation and analysis of healthcare costs among COVID-19 patients, which will be used to assess the fair pricing behaviour of private healthcare institutions at national level. Regarding the legal outlook for 2022, the issues that might require more attention are: One aspect that should be highlighted in the legal environment in 2021 is that in February, the latest emergency decrees were issued. This is the latest state of alert decree of 28 February 2021 and the last extension of the economic emergency decree of 23 February 2021. The content includes various constitutional, legal and sub-legal regulations, the texts of which have been extracted in electronic form (PDF) from the official websites of national public bodies. The 2020 National Assembly adopted an agreement to support the implementation of the Anti-Blockade Constitutional Law for National Development and the Guarantee of Human Rights, and which decided to “support the implementation of the Anti-Blockade Constitutional Law for National Development and the Guarantee of Human Rights, whose provisions this legislative body recognises as being of order and public interest, as well as the priority application to norms of legal and sub-legal rank” (Article 1). As will be recalled, the constitutional anti-blockade law was promulgated in October 2020, two months before the election of the National Assembly in December of the same year. To assess the legal environment in Venezuela in 2021, it is worth first looking at the National Assembly elected in December 2020. After its inauguration in January 2021, this assembly approved a “legislative plan” that will be discussed during the year just ended.

However, in the months that followed, additional bills were submitted to the National Assembly to those provided for in the original legislative plan. As a result, the bills approved and published in the Official Gazette come both from the legislative plan initially approved and from a few other bills presented in the following months. As a result, the legislative agenda of the National Assembly focused more on social legislation. The laws enacted in this area are as follows: The summary and assessment of this regulatory environment in 2021 are as follows. Circular by which the Comptroller General of the Republic establishes guidelines for the revision of the service file Organic Tax Code – Official Gazette No. 37.305 of 17 October 2001 Law against Corruption – Official Gazette No. 5.637 Extraordinary of 7 April 2003 Rules governing the procurement of public administration bodies and bodies.- (Repeal 01-00-247) -Decision No. 01-00-000162 Official Gazette No.

39.229 of 28 July 2009. With Ordinance No. SNAT/2021/000023 of the Integrated National Service of the Customs and Tax Administration (SENIAT), the value of the tax unit was adjusted from one thousand five hundred bolivars (Bs. 1,500.00) to twenty thousand bolivars (Bs. 20,000.00). Layout of Asset Accounts of Non-Professional Decentralised Public Entities – Official Gazette No. 39.352 of 22 January 2010. The first of these agreements was adopted in July. This is the agreement that declares the non-existence, nullity and nullity of the agreements, resolutions and laws of the National Assembly during the period of continuous contempt, contrary to the interests of the Republic and the rights of the people, by which it generally condemned the various laws promulgated by the National Assembly from January 2016 to January 2021. Regulations of the INTERNAL AUDIT UNIT of the Central University of Venezuela – Resolution No. 303 of April 7, 2010.

Law of Integral Regionalization for Socioproductive Development Decree with status, value and power of the Organic Law of Water Areas – Official Gazette No. 5.890 Extraordinary of 31. July 2008 In financial matters, the rules for FinTech stand out in 2021. By decision of the Banking Supervisory Authority (SUDEBAN) No. 001.21, the rules on financial technology services (FINTECH) were adopted. The objective of these rules is to regulate the financial services provided by new technologies offered by FinTech institutions in one of their modalities to banking sector institutions. In the financial sector, two resolutions were adopted by the Central Bank of Venezuela in January: Resolution No. 21-01-01, which prescribes the rules for the constitution of the reserve reserve, and Resolution No. 21-01-02, which stipulates that the loans mentioned in the resolution can only be expressed through the use of the unit of credit value (UVC). Manual of Internal Control Standards on a Generic Model of Centralized and Functionally Decentralized Management – Official Gazette No.

38.282 of 28 September 2005 Organic Law of the Office of the Auditor of the Republic and the National System of Tax Control. (“Official Journal No. 6.013 Extraordinary of 23.12.10) In September, Joint Resolutions Nos 004/2021 and 017-2021 were published, which establish the value of the unit for the arithmetic calculation of the maximum and minimum threshold (UCAU). Creation of the posts of “senior civil servants” by the University Council of the UCV – Circular No. 9 of 21 October 2009 – Organic Law of the Social Auditor. (Official Journal 6011 of 21.12.2010) University Council Circular No. 1 of 13.01.2011 (Part 1). Law on the Partial Reform of Public Procurement – Official Gazette 39.503 of 6. September 2010 The agreement that examines and warns against fraud against the law, the Constitution and international law due to the non-existence, nullity and nullity of the simulated agreements of June 26, 2018, July 16, 2019 and May 19, 2020, by which it was planned to designate false authorities of the Central Bank of Venezuela “BCV” in order to deceive the international community and the banking system and to deceive the legitimate control of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela over to impede their assets abroad. With the judgment No.

ONCDOFT-001-2021, the regulations for the unified registration of obligated subjects with the National Bureau for Combating Organized Crime and the Financing of Terrorism (RUSO-ONCDOFT) have been issued, which specify the requirements and procedures that must be fulfilled by the obligated persons to register in the RUSSIAN-ONCTOFT, as well as the updating of information and the deletion of this registration. Everyone has the right to be protected by the courts in the exercise and exercise of constitutional rights and guarantees, including those inherent in him or her which are not expressly enumerated in this Constitution or in international human rights instruments. The constitutional procedure is oral, public, short, free of charge and is not subject to formality; and the competent court has the power to immediately restore the violated legal situation or the situation closest to it. All the time must be skillful, and the court will deal with it before any other case. The exercise of this right may not be compromised in any way by the imposition of a state of emergency or the limitation of constitutional guarantees.

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